All Doer

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All Doer
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Information About the All Doer

Origin: Lapford Devon
Growth Characteristics:
Moderate height, slightly spreading, upright. Flowering period mid April, attractive white blossom. Regular fruiting, moderate crop.
Diesease Resistance: very good resistance to scab, some susceptibility to canker.
Fruit: Large round conical shape, skin smooth, yellow/green with1/3 dull red flush, small grey lenticels, slight russet round eye. Flesh dry, tender and yellowish in colour. Slight aroma.
Picking Season: early- mid October
Storage: stores for about 2 months
Uses: Cooker– goes to a puree becoming grey. Sweet, mild slightly honey taste. Juice – sweet, greenish in colour oxidises quickly. Cider - useful in blends.
Recommendations: A tasty cooker. Grows well in the West Country tolerating wet drizzly weather.
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