Devonshire Quarrenden

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Devonshire Quarrenden
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Information About the Devonshire Quarrenden

Origin: Devon 1678
Growth Characteristics: Moderate growth, upright, spreading, biennial bearer, Disease resistance –prone to canker,some scab resistance, Flowering period – late April to early May blossom - susceptible to late spring frosts. Crop – heavy every other year Flowering Period: 2
Fruit: Shape –flat round and small/medium in size. Skin – greasy, pale yellowish green with brown lenticels. Brownish purple flush with dark crimson stripes, slight bloom. Becomes greasy. Some russet around stem basin Flesh – greenish white, crisp and juicy, but soon goes soft Flavour –sweet/sharp with a distinctive fresh strawberry/winey taste aroma - aromatic
Picking Season: Late August/eary September
Storage: 2 Weeks
Uses: Dessert: Eat straight off the tree. Sweet/sharp with a distinctive fresh strawberry/winey taste Culinary: N/A Cider: Good in an early blend Juice: Pleasant, sweet with a slight tang, tinged pink
Recommendations: Probably originally from Coutantan peninsular, Brittany.
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