Devon Crimson Queen

Synonyms: Synonym of Sops in wine, AKA Jonny Voun, Queenie

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Devon Crimson Queen
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Information About the Devon Crimson Queen

Origin: St Domonic, Cornwall
Growth Characteristics: Moderate, upright, spreading, growth. Annual bearer. Disease resistance – prone to canker, some scab resistance Flowering period – late April early May Blossom - Crop – Heavy, consistent
Fruit: Shape –flat round, ribbed, medium to large size. Skin – yellow/green, complete dark red, with large prominent grey lenticels, slight russet around stem or eye, short and flecked flush with grey bloom. Tough skin Stem – very short, eye - closed Flesh – greenish, crisp juicy and stained red. becoming softer and sweeter with age. Flavour – sweet with a tang, pear and honey overtones. Aroma – fruity, aromatic and delicate.
Picking Season: late August/ early Sept
Storage: 1 – 2 months
Uses: Dessert – sweet with a slight tang. Culinary – N/A Cider - useful in blends. Juice – pink, rather bland, best served chilled.
Recommendations: Attractive red fruit especially when on the tree. Flavour and texture short lived. This variety does not completely equate with Jonny Voun, the flavour is slightly different, so is probably a sport of Sops in Wine.
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