Cornish Aromatic

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Cornish Aromatic
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Information About the Cornish Aromatic

Origin: Cornwall before 1813
Growth Characteristics: Moderate growth, can be biennial disease resistance – good scab and canker resistance flowering period - 4 blossom - crop - moderate
Fruit: shape - conical size - medium to large skin - rough yellow with red flush over two thirds, large russet patches, russet lenticels flesh – white and crisp flavour – sweet, sub acid, nutty and aromatic. Often excellent if dry, but can sometimes be chewy and flavourless, possibly in wet cloudy summers aroma - aromatic
Picking Season: Mid October
Storage: Will keep until the new year and beyond if in ideal conditions
Uses: Dessert – sweet and nutty, very juicy Culinary – N/A Cider – not normally used Juice – light and refreshing flavour
Recommendations: Earliest records of this apple date it to before 1813 but it is probably much older. Reliably produces clean fruit without having to spray. This hardy tree is well suited to the wet climate of the South West. A good apple for the orchard.
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