A list of the fruits
Name Growth Char Fruit Uses
ADW ATKINS Size - small <45mm Shape - round flat stem - long thin projecting distinctly. Cavity - shallow wide eye - basin closed. Calyx closed, reflexed/tips Skin – smooth, dry. green flush - always >third dark red diffuse with short stripes Lenticels - large conspicuous white russet - slight, stem or eye only Flesh – texture juicy fine, firm tough skin. colour greenish taste sweet, fresh, mild Aroma – slight dessert: juicy fine texture sweet fresh taste Culinary: Cider Juice: green, very sweet, slight dryness, no aroma
All Doer A large vigorous tree, slightly spreading, upright. Can grow to a great age. Flowering period mid April, attractive white blossom. Regular fruiting, moderate to heavy crop, possibly self fertile. Disease Resistance: very good resistance to scab, some susceptibility to canker. shape - large round conical, slight ribs. skin - smooth, yellow/green with 1/3 dull red flush, small grey lenticels, slight russet round stalk stem – medium, protruding slightly. Cavity – shallow, wide. eye - basin - ribbed, bumpy, shallow. Calyx - Sepals closed pinched, grey, reflexed tips. flesh – a fine sweet-sharp flavour sweet, dry, tender and yellowish in colour. aroma - slight. Cooker– goes to a puree becoming grey. Sweet, mild slightly honey taste. Juice – sweet, greenish in colour oxidises quickly. Cider - Sharp, useful in blends.
Ashton Bittersweet An upright compact tree.Tends to be biennial cropping, From Long Ashton, Somerset 1947. A cross between Dabinett and Stoke Red. Flowering Period: Late
Disease Resistance: Very good resistance to scab and restistant to tip rot
Full Bittersweet Cider
Ashton Brown Jersey Cider
Beauty of Bath A large spreading tree, moderately vigorous. Annual bearer. disease resistance – prone to scab and canker. flowering period - late April-early May. blossom - cropping - Heavy. Shape - flat, round, medium size. Skin- smooth becoming greasy, yellow bright red/orange flecked flush, slight russet sometimes round stem. Stem – short, thick, projecting distinctly, cavity - shallow Eye – Basin - puckered open/wide. Calyx – deep, sepals – upright green, slightly open Flesh – crisp, fine and tender, yellowish in colour. Flavour – Sharp and sweet with a slight scented aroma. Aroma – scented, delicate and fruity. Dessert – useful early apple. Culinary - N/A Juice – refreshing, sweet with a tang, very slight pear drop flavour, light pink/brown colour. Cider - makes a good early blend.
Beauty of Cornwall
Bell Apple A distinctly shaped apple once common in Somerset and East Devon. Flowering Period: Mid
Disease Resistance: Some scab resistance
Sweet Culinary: Cider:
Bens Red Makes a strong heavy cropping tree. Flowering Period: 2
Disease Resistance: Resistant to scab
Sweet Crisp apples delicious straight from the tree but soften within a few weeks. Dessert
Bere Alston
Bickington Grey Flowering Period: Mid Disease Resistance: Very resistant to scab Shape - medium 45-55 mm conical lopsided Skin- yellow rough, dry, dull. Small grey conspicuous lenticels. Flush – rare, trace, pink/orange, diffuse. Russet - spreading netted. Stem - short thick projecting slightly lopsided, shallow cavity. Eye - basin - pinched unevenly bumpy, closed sepals. Calyx - reflexed tips closed. Flesh – juicy crisp firm yellowish colour. Taste - sweet, fresh, sharp. Aroma – none Dessert - sharp, sweet Culinary - N/A Cider - Pale, sharp Juice - sharp, sweet and yellow, browns quickly.
Bill Grant’s Pippin Vigorous. Upright, spreading. Disease Resistance: Some resistance to scab and canker. Size - large, round, flat, lopsided. Stem - Medium, projecting distinctly. Cavity - wide. Eye - basin - open, ribbed, slightly deep. calyx - Sepals, closed, green/grey. Russet - slight, round stem, spreading. Skin - Dry, dull yellow/green. Lenticels - conspicuous, large green. Flush - always >third diffuse red flush with short stripes. Flesh - pale cream/white. Crisp, firm, juicy. No browning. Texture – slightly coarse. Teste – sweet, sub acid, slight banana. Aroma - slight. Dessert: .Crisp, firm, juicy Culinary: Juice:
Billy Down Pippin Flowering Period: Early to mid
Diesease Resistance: Scab resistant
Sweet Dessert/Cider
Birchenhayes Flowering Period: Mid Sweet Dessert/culinary
Black Dabinett Moderately vigorous tree. Heavy cropping Flowering Period: 4 Disease Resistance: Some scab resistance Medium/large apple, bluish-purple colour. very distinctive. Medium Bittersweet Cider: A vintage quality cider apple, capable of making good quality single variety cider.
Black Tom Putt Much darker red than Tom Putt and a late keeper. Flowering Period: Early Disease Resistance: Scab resistant Sharp Culinary:
Blackamore Red Tall single stemmed, upright growth. Annual cropper. Disease resistance - good, a healthy tree. Flowering period - Blossom - Cropping - heavy Shape – regular, round, smoothly ribbed, slightly five crowned Size – medium large to large Skin- pale green, variably speckled and striped with deep red, often completely covered with mahogany flush. Flesh – white with a very slight green tinge, creamy texture, firm and juicy. Flavour – slightly sweet, acid Aroma - Culinary – Remains intact, white in colour, sweet slightly acid flavour. Cider - probably single variety. Juice - good flavour, pale in colour
Blackwell Red
Blue Sweet Fairly vigorous, thin stems, upright growth. Can be Bienniel disease resistance – good, some scab resistance. flowering period – mid May cropping – good, fairly heavy Shape – round flat medium 45-55mm Skin – smooth, yellow/green, waxy, dull. Lenticels – grey large colour, Russet – slight, eye only. Stem – long, projecting considerably. Eye – basin ribbed beading, calyx - long closed sepals reflexed/tips Flush – usually more than a third, dark red, blue blush, diffuse flecked short stripes Flesh – dry, soft, fine, greenish colour. Taste – bland. Aroma – fruity, slight Dessert N/A Culinary N/A Cider - fairly dark Juice – Sweet and bitter, bland flavour, colour – green, slight aroma.
Bottlers Flowering Period: Mid to late Sweet, slightly acid Dessert/culinary
Box Apple
Breadfruit When ripe has sweet flavour (by October). Shape – irregular round, flattened, conic, ribbed sometimes lopsided. Size - Medium-large to large . Skin – green turning yellow developing a brownish- red flush over much of the apple Flesh – very white, firm, retains structure on cooking Flavour – just sweet, a good distinctive strawberry flavour Aroma - Strawberry Dessert: Culinary: Has good texture when cooked and keeps its shape. Juice:
Bridgewater Pippin Makes a vigorous tree. Flowering Period: 3
Disease Resistance: Scab resistant
white fleshed, sweet/sharp, juicy and firm. Desert:Juicy and firm. Culinary:Cooks to a puree.
Brimley Red
Browns Apple A vigorous, upright tree. Slow to start fruiting. Tends to biennial cropping, Flowering Period: 5 Disease Resistance: resistant to scab Crop - heavy but slow to start cropping. Drops when ripe. Fruit –Size – medium 45-55mm Shape - flat, round Stem - long thick projecting distinctly. Cavity – deep shallow wide Eye basin - ribbed open. Calyx – open sepals, upright long green grey reflexed tips Skin – smooth shiny yellow/green Flush – always complete bright red dark red flecked diffuse short stripes long stripes Lenticels - Russet – none . Flesh –Texture – juicy, firm, tough skin Colour – greenish white, tinged pink Taste –Full Sharp sweet, sharp Aroma – scented Uses – Dessert – N/A Culinary – N/A Cider – A very valuable sharp, Vintage quality. Juice – reddish, sharp/sweet, thin.
Bryanston Gage Flowering Period: 3 Excellent gage flavour Dessert
Bullion Flowering Period: Mid to late Slightly sharp Culinary
Burcombe Flowering Period: Late Dessert/culinary
Burrow Hill Early Moderately vigorous tree, Flowering Period: Mid
Disease Resistance: resistant to scab
Yellow striped, bright red apple. Cider:Full Bittersweet
Camelot Vigorous tree. Flowering Period: 2
Disease Resistance: Scab resistant
Large pale yellow apple,with sharp flavour. Culinary:Cooks to a golden pure: Cider: Mild Bittersharp
Cap Of Liberty Size – small <45mm Shape - conical waisted lopsided Stem - long thin projecting distinctly/considerably. Cavity - deep, wide. Eye basin - ribbed beading closed. Calyx - closed sepals, grey reflexed tips. Skin – smooth, dry, dull, pale. Flush – complete, pink/orange diffuse, dark red short and long stripes Lenticels - small conspicuous few. Russet – slight, stem only. Flesh –texture – juicy, fine, crisp, chewy Colour – creamy taste – bitter sharp Aroma – slight Culinary - no Dessert - no Juice - pink tinge, pale clear, sharp with sweet aftertaste. Cider -
Captain Broad A vigorous tree, traditionally grown from cuttings. Flowering Period: ?
Disease Resistance: Very resistant to scab
Pale green fruit, with slight flush and russeting. Bittersweet Cider:
Carhampton Pippin
Chacewater Longstem
Cheddar Cross Moderately vigorous tree. A cross between Allington Pippin and Star of Devon. Flowering Period: 1
Disease Resistance: Very resistant to scab but prone to mildew
Medium, flat round fruit. Cream with dark pink stripes and russeting Subacid Dessert
Chisel Jersey
Chrislin Sweet Dessert/culinary
Colemans Seedling Flowering Period: Mid
Disease Resistance: Resistant to scab A heavy cropper
Size – medium 45-55mm Shape - round conical lopsided Stem – short, thick, within cavity. Cavity – shallow, wide Eye - basin – puckered, unevenly bumpy, closed. Calyx - closed sepals, green broken Skin – rough, dry, dull, yellow/green Flush – frequent Dessert – no Culinary – no Juice – juice yellow, cloudy, sweet/sharp . Cider -
Colloget Pippin Moderately vigorous tree Flowering Period: Early to mid
Disease Resistance: Very resistant to scab producing apples, flushed and striped red.
large, yellow/green. Sharp A soft apple that will not keep very long. Culinary: Cooks to a brisk golden puree. Cider:Produces a light dry cider.
Cornish Aromatic Moderate growth, can be biennial disease resistance – good scab and canker resistance flowering period - 4 blossom - crop - moderate shape - conical size - medium to large skin - rough yellow with red flush over two thirds, large russet patches, russet lenticels flesh – white and crisp flavour – sweet, sub acid, nutty and aromatic. Often excellent if dry, but can sometimes be chewy and flavourless, possibly in wet cloudy summers aroma - aromatic Dessert – sweet and nutty, very juicy Culinary – N/A Cider – not normally used Juice – light and refreshing flavour
Cornish Garden Cooker
Cornish Gilliflower Flowering Period: 4
Disease Resistance: Some scab resistance but susceptible to canker. Partial tip bearer.
A very distinctive oblong-conical shaped apple Sweet, intensely aromatic and rich. Becomes flowery with age Dessert
Cornish Honeypin Vigorous trees Flowering Period: 3
Disease Resistance: Scab resistant
predominantly yellow apples. Very sweet soft flesh. Dessert
Cornish Longstem A small, hard, greenish-yellow apple. Not the best of cooking apples for flavour, but worth having in the orchard because of its excellent keeping qualities. Flowering Period: Mid to late
Disease Resistance: Very resistant to scab
Sharp Culinary
Cornish Mother A very old variety, possibly one of the parents of American Mother. Flowering Period: 3 Sweet Dessert
Cornish Pine Moderate to vigorous growth, upright, spreading, annual bearer Flowering Period: Early May, Disease Resistance: Some scab resistance Crop – moderate to shy Blossom - Pretty delicate blossom shape – round conical, sometimes square, ribbed, size - very large. skin –yellow/green, dry, smooth and shiny, few small lenticels, slight russet around stem, spreading,dark red diffuse flush, usually over a third. flesh – yellowish/greenish, crisp becoming soft flavour – sweet and aromatic aroma - delicate Sweet, rich, slightly subacid soft flesh Dessert, Sweet and aromatic. Also used for juice.
Cornish Russet
Cornish Wine Apple
Cotehele Beauty
Court of Wick The tree is vigorous, healthy and crops reliably. Once very popular. Flowering Period: 4
Disease Resistance: Very resistant to scab and resistant to canker
A very good multi purpose high quality apple. Sub acid and rich Dessert:Good for juicing Culinary: A very good cooker. Cider:
Court Royal Vigorous, spreading tree. Flowering Period: 2 Disease Resistance: Scab resistant but prone to canker Crop - heavy but tends to be biennial. Slow to start fruiting. Size – medium 45-55mm Shape - round conical lopsided Stem – short, thick, within cavity. Cavity – shallow, wide Eye basin – puckered, unevenly bumpy, closed. Calyx - closed sepals, green broken Skin – rough, dry, dull, yellow/green Flush – frequent Dessert: Culinary: Cider: Vintage quality, fast fermenting, sweet juice, producing a light cider. Juice: Sharp, sweet yellow thick rich. Fresh slight pear aroma.
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