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Name Growth Char Fruit Uses
All Doer
Moderate height, slightly spreading, upright. Flowering period mid April, attractive white blossom. Regular fruiting, moderate crop.
Diesease Resistance: very good resistance to scab, some susceptibility to canker.
Large round conical shape, skin smooth, yellow/green with1/3 dull red flush, small grey lenticels, slight russet round eye. Flesh dry, tender and yellowish in colour. Slight aroma. Cooker– goes to a puree becoming grey. Sweet, mild slightly honey taste. Juice – sweet, greenish in colour oxidises quickly. Cider - useful in blends.
Ashton Bittersweet An upright compact tree.Tends to be biennial cropping, From Long Ashton, Somerset 1947. A cross between Dabinett and Stoke Red. Flowering Period: Late
Disease Resistance: Very good resistance to scab and restistant to tip rot
Full Bittersweet Cider
Ashton Brown Jersey Cider
Beauty of Bath A large spreading tree, moderately vigorous. Annual bearer. disease resistance – prone to scab and canker. flowering period - late April-early May. blossom. cropping - large. Shape - flat, round, medium size. Skin- smooth becoming greasy, yellow bright red/orange flecked flush, slight russet sometimes round stem. Flesh – crisp, fine and tender, yellowish in colour. Flavour – Sharp and sweet with a slight scented aroma. Aroma – scented, delicate and fruity. Dessert – useful early apple. Culinary - N/A Juice – refreshing, sweet with a tang, very slight pear drop flavour, light pink/brown colour. Cider - makes a good early blend.
Beauty of Cornwall
Bell Apple A distinctly shaped apple once common in Somerset and East Devon. Flowering Period: Mid
Disease Resistance: Some scab resistance
Sweet Culinary: Cider:
Bens Red Makes a strong heavy cropping tree. Flowering Period: 2
Disease Resistance: Resistant to scab
Sweet Crisp apples delicious straight from the tree but soften within a few weeks. Dessert
Bere Alston
Bickington Grey Flowering Period: Mid Disease Resistance: Very resistant to scab Shape - medium 45-55 mm conical lopsided Skin- yellow rough, dry, dull. Small grey conspicuous lenticels. Flush – rare, trace, pink/orange, diffuse. Russet - spreading netted. Stem - short thick projecting slightly lopsided, shallow basin. Eye - pinched unevenly bumpy, closed sepals. Calyx - reflexed tips closed. Flesh – juicy crisp firm yellowish colour. Taste - sweet, fresh, sharp. Aroma – none Dessert - sharp, sweet Culinary - N/A Cider - Pale, sharp Juice - sharp, sweet and yellow, browns quickly.
Bill Grant’s Pippin Vigorous. Upright, spreading. Disease Resistance: Some resistance to scab and canker. Size - large, round, flat, lopsided. Stem - Medium, projecting distinctly. Cavity - wide. Eye - open, ribbed, slightly deep. Sepals - closed, green/grey. Russet - slight, round stem, spreading. Skin - Dry, dull yellow/green. Lenticels - conspicuous, large green. Flush - always >third diffuse red flush with short stripes. Flesh - pale cream/white. Crisp, firm, juicy. No browning. Texture – slightly coarse. Teste – sweet, sub acid, slight banana. Aroma - slight. Dessert: .Crisp, firm, juicy Culinary: Juice:
Billy Down Pippin Flowering Period: Early to mid
Diesease Resistance: Scab resistant
Sweet Dessert/Cider
Birchenhayes Flowering Period: Mid Sweet Dessert/culinary
Black Dabinett Moderately vigorous tree. Heavy cropping Flowering Period: 4 Disease Resistance: Some scab resistance Medium/large apple, bluish-purple colour. very distinctive. Medium Bittersweet Cider: A vintage quality cider apple, capable of making good quality single variety cider.
Black Tom Putt Much darker red than Tom Putt and a late keeper. Flowering Period: Early Disease Resistance: Scab resistant Sharp Culinary:
Blackamore Red Tall single stemmed, upright growth. Annual cropper. Disease resistance - good, a healthy tree. Flowering period - Blossom - Cropping - heavy Shape – regular, round, smoothly ribbed, slightly five crowned Size – medium large to large Skin- pale green, variably speckled and striped with deep red, often completely covered with mahogany flush. Flesh – white with a very slight green tinge, creamy texture, firm and juicy. Flavour – slightly sweet, acid Aroma - Culinary – Remains intact, white in colour, sweet slightly acid flavour. Cider - probably single variety. Juice - good flavour, pale in colour
Blackwell Red
Blue Sweet Fairly vigorous, thin stems, upright growth. Can be Bienniel disease resistance – good, some scab resistance. flowering period – mid May cropping – good, fairly heavy Shape – round flat medium 45-55mm Skin – smooth, yellow/green, waxy, dull. Lenticels – grey large colour, Russet – slight, eye only. Stem – long, projecting considerably. Eye – ribbed beading, long closed sepals reflexed/tips Flush – usually more than a third, dark red, blue blush, diffuse flecked short stripes Flesh – dry, soft, fine, greenish colour. Taste – bland. Aroma – fruity, slight Dessert N/A Culinary N/A Cider - Colour, fairly dark Juice – Sweet and bitter, bland flavour, colour – green, slight aroma.
Bottlers Flowering Period: Mid to late Sweet, slightly acid Dessert/culinary
Box Apple
Breadfruit When ripe has sweet flavour (by October). Shape – irregular round, flattened, conic, ribbed sometimes lopsided. Size - Medium-large to large . Skin – green turning yellow developing a brownish- red flush over much of the apple Flesh – very white, firm, retains structure on cooking Flavour – just sweet, a good distinctive strawberry flavour Aroma - Strawberry Dessert: Culinary: Has good texture when cooked and keeps its shape. Juice:
Bridgewater Pippin Makes a vigorous tree. Flowering Period: 3
Disease Resistance: Scab resistant
white fleshed, sweet/sharp, juicy and firm. Desert:Juicy and firm. Culinary:Cooks to a puree.
Brimley Red
Browns Apple A vigorous and upright tree. Slow to start fruiting and tends to biennial cropping, Flowering Period: 5 Disease Resistance: resistant to scab Full Sharp Medium, flat fruit, that drop when ripe. Cider
Bryanston Gage Flowering Period: 3 Excellent gage flavour Dessert
Bullion Flowering Period: Mid to late Slightly sharp Culinary
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