Browns Apple

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Browns Apple
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Information About the Browns Apple

Origin: Staverton, Nr Totnes, Devon
Growth Characteristics: A vigorous, upright tree. Slow to start fruiting. Tends to biennial cropping, Flowering Period: 5 Disease Resistance: resistant to scab Crop - heavy but slow to start cropping. Drops when ripe.
Fruit: Fruit –Size – medium 45-55mm Shape - flat, round Stem - long thick projecting distinctly. Cavity – deep shallow wide Eye basin - ribbed open. Calyx – open sepals, upright long green grey reflexed tips Skin – smooth shiny yellow/green Flush – always complete bright red dark red flecked diffuse short stripes long stripes Lenticels - Russet – none . Flesh –Texture – juicy, firm, tough skin Colour – greenish white, tinged pink Taste –Full Sharp sweet, sharp Aroma – scented
Picking Season: early-mid Oct.
Storage: 1 – 2 months
Uses: Uses – Dessert – N/A Culinary – N/A Cider – A very valuable sharp, Vintage quality. Juice – reddish, sharp/sweet, thin.
Recommendations: Heavy cropping and widely planted in modern orchards.
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