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Tom Putt
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Information About the Tom Putt

Origin: Trent(Dorset/Somerset) or Gittisham near Honiton, 18th C
Growth Characteristics: Vigorous, spreading heavy cropping tree. Flowering Period: 2/early
Disease Resistance: Scab resistant. Prone to canker and apple sawfly.
Fruit: Medium/large, round/conical. Skin pale greenish yellow, flushed/striped bright red, greasy. Crisp and juicy with course-textured flesh. sharp/acidic. Shape: Flattened conical, broad base, narrow nose, strongly ribbed, irregular.
Picking Season: Second early/mid
Storage: September to November
Uses: Desert: Culinary: Cider: Juice:
Recommendations: A popular old West Country variety.
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