Totnes Apple

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Totnes Apple
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Information About the Totnes Apple

Origin: Dartington, Devon
Growth Characteristics: Flowering Period: Early to mid
Fruit: Size - very large >65mm Shape - flat round, /slightly ribbed stem - thick projecting slightly. cavity - large broad. eye basin - large broad deep, calyx- closed, crowned sepals short gappy Skin – smooth slightly waxy, colour - pale yellow/green, flush - always >third diffuse orange, bright red flecked, short stripes, lenticels - small grey, russet - stem slight spreading to eye Flesh –texture - juicy crisp fine firm tough skin, colour - creamy white, taste - sweet sub acid fresh Aroma – scented slight woody
Picking Season: early-mid Oct
Storage: > 2 months
Uses: Dessert Culinary does not break up completely no aroma yellow sharp Cider Juice lemon yellow sharp, pleasantly tangy
Recommendations: Historically sold at Totnes market.
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