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Tidicombe Seedling
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Information About the Tidicombe Seedling

Origin: Arlington, North Devon 1978
Growth Characteristics: compact habit, suitable for wetter and colder sites, Disease resistance - some scab and canker resistance. Flowering period, Early to mid blossom features Cropping - good Flowering Period:
Fruit: Size - medium (75 x 60-65) Shape - round, rounded base, very slight trace of well rounded ribs regular can be lop-sided Stem - Cavity. Tube: funnel shaped, though can be flattened to nearly a cone. Eye - Fairly narrow, only just wider than the open eye. Stamens visible, sepals separated at base and fairly short, reflexed or broken-off. regular, trace of ribs into basin, basin - Calyx – Skin – dry and slightly textured. Colour - dull green maturing to golden yellow, Flush - ¾ covered with scarlet dots and flecks, with a scattering of broken stripes of a darker red. Lenticels - Some lenticels of pale grey russet. Russet – Covered ¼ to ½ with fine pale grey-brown russet; coverage either as large areas or many broken patches, and these allow underlying yellow and scarlet to be seen. Flesh –Texture – Fine, crisp, fairly juicy. Colour – cream-white. Taste – Sweet good acid balance and rich flavour. Aroma – slight.
Picking Season: late September to early October, Storage –
Storage: >4 months
Uses: Dessert – very fine Juice – a good balance
Recommendations: A worthy chance find at Tidicombe Hall, Arlington in1978 and introduced by Thornhayes Nursery in1997.
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