Beauty of Bath

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Beauty of Bath
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Information About the Beauty of Bath

Origin: Bath, Somerset, before 1864
Growth Characteristics: A large spreading tree, moderately vigorous. Annual bearer. disease resistance – prone to scab and canker. flowering period - late April-early May. blossom - cropping - Heavy.
Fruit: Shape - flat, round, medium size. Skin- smooth becoming greasy, yellow bright red/orange flecked flush, slight russet sometimes round stem. Stem – short, thick, projecting distinctly, cavity - shallow Eye – Basin - puckered open/wide. Calyx – deep, sepals – upright green, slightly open Flesh – crisp, fine and tender, yellowish in colour. Flavour – Sharp and sweet with a slight scented aroma. Aroma – scented, delicate and fruity.
Picking Season: Early August
Storage: two weeks
Uses: Dessert – useful early apple. Culinary - N/A Juice – refreshing, sweet with a tang, very slight pear drop flavour, light pink/brown colour. Cider - makes a good early blend.
Recommendations: Worth juicing for a very early product. Eat as soon as ripe, straight off the tree, fruit does not keep at all. A consistent cropper in the West Country.
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