Quarry Apple

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Quarry Apple
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Information About the Quarry Apple

Origin: North Devon
Growth Characteristics: Flowering Period: Mid
Diesease Resistance: Scab resistant
Fruit: Fruit –Size large 55-65mm Shape - conical ribbed stem - short thick projecting slightly. Cavity, deep wide. Eye basin puckered, unevenly bumpy closed calyx, long closed sepals Skin – smooth dry dull colour, yellow/green. Flush, none. Lenticels small, brown. Russet, stem or eye only, spreading, netted. Flesh – colour - white, taste - sharp, texture - dry soft Aroma – none
Picking Season: Aug - Sept
Storage: 1 - 2 months
Uses: Dessert Flavour - Sharp Culinary – sweet sub acid, yellow brown puree. very pleasant taste. Cider - N/A Juice - sharp thick yellow, no aroma
Recommendations: Worthwhile growing as a cooking apple.
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