Plum Vite

Synonyms: Plum Vide

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Plum Vite
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Information About the Plum Vite

Origin: Devon
Growth Characteristics: A tall, spreading and vigorous tree. Annual bearer,prone to canker. Flowering period 1/2, early May. Pale pink blossom with darker pink buds. Good crop size.
Fruit: Shape - medium size, round, cylindrical. Skin - smooth, yellow/green colour with large grey lenticels. Russet mainly stem area, but occasionally spreading. Flush usual, pink/orange, diffuse. Flesh - soft, fine texture, white in colour and very juicy.
Picking Season: Late July early August
Storage: About 1 month
Uses: Dessert. Flavour –sweet and vinous, thin. Juice. Flavour – sharp/tangy, citrusy, refreshing, thin. Probably needs a good, hot summer to be fully appreciated. Cider Useful as an early sharp cider.
Recommendations: A very early, very juicy fruit usually sweet and vinous but can be sharp and citrusy in a cool summer. Generally a vigorous healthy tree, coping with Devon weather but would probably appreciate far more sun than has been available in recent years.
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