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Oaken Pin
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Information About the Oaken Pin

Origin: Exe Valley, Devon
Growth Characteristics: Flowering Period: 3 Disease Resistance: Scab resistant, prone to canker on weaker rootstocks.
Fruit: Size - medium 45-55mm Shape - conical stem - long thick projecting distinctly, cavity - shallow eye basin - ribbed open, calyx - open sepals - open, green reflexed/tips Skin – smooth, sticky, colour - pale yellow flush - always >third pink/orange diffuse, bright red short stripes lenticels - conspicuous small grey russet - slight, stem only Flesh – colour creamy yellow, taste - sweet mild texture - dry crisp firm chewy skin Aroma – slight aromatic scent
Picking Season: late Oct
Storage: > 2 months
Uses: Dessert: Sweet and aromatic Juice: Sweet sub acid pinkish yellow, honey aroma
Recommendations: Tree of moderate vigour producing unusual medium sized oval shaped fruit. Apple are excellent of intense flavour, being sweet, juicy, crisp and aromatic. Once very common on Exmoor.
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