Synonyms: Limberland

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Information About the Limberlimb

Origin: Landkey, North Devon
Growth Characteristics: Growth: Vigorous, spreading Disease Resistance: Resistant to scab Flowering Period: Crop: Heavy
Fruit: Size – very large >65mm Shape – flat, round Stem - long thin projecting considerably. Cavity – shallow, wide Eye basin – ribbed, five crowned, closed. Calyx - closed sepals green Skin –smooth, dry, dull, thin skin Flush – rare, trace, pink diffuse Lenticels - large grey many Russet – slight, stem and eye spreading netted Flesh – Texture – dry, crisp Colour – creamy Taste – very sweet taste Aroma –
Picking Season: Early September
Storage: 1 month
Uses: Dessert: very sweet Culinary: Cooks well
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