Johnny Voun

Synonyms: Synonym of Sops in Wine, also known as Devon Crimson Queen, Queenie and Devonshire Queen

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Johnny Voun
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Information About the Johnny Voun

Origin: Barnstable, North Devon
Growth Characteristics: Growth - Moderate, spreading. Disease Resistance: some Scab resistance. Flowering Period: Early Crop - moderate to heavy.
Fruit: Size - medium 45-55mm to large 55-65mm Shape –round, flat, lopsided, ribbed Stem – short Cavity - Eye – basin - puckered, closed. Calyx – Skin – yellow, dry, dull bloom, greasy on storing. Flush – always complete, dark red Lenticels – large white, conspicuous Russet – slight round stem Flesh – Texture - fine, soft. dry Colour – creamy, with red blotches. Taste – sweet, vinous, skin bitter Aroma – slightly refreshing, fruity Apples dark red with bloom and pink blush in the flesh. The skin is greasy. Sweet
Picking Season: Early September
Storage: 1 month
Uses: Dessert - Sweet and crunchy Culinary - N/A Cider – useful in early blends, gives a dark colour Juice – thick, sweet, banana flavoured. Attractive dark red colour.
Recommendations: See notes on Devon Crimson Queen. Morphologically different to Devon Crimson Queen. Belongs to the Sops in Wine population. As with many Devon apples, Jonny Voun (corruption of Found) is a name specific to the Barnstaple area.
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