Synonyms: Synonym of Luccombe's Seedling, also known as Crediton/Kirton Fair

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Information About the Listener

Origin: North Devon name
Growth Characteristics: A weak growing spreading tree, not very tall. Annual bearer, some years better than others. Very susceptible to scab. Flowering period - 1/2 30th April. Blossom – pale pink. Cropping - variable
Fruit: Shape – oblate, ribbed. Medium size Skin – smooth, waxy, yellow/green, no flush, no russet Flesh – crisp and creamy when just off the tree, then dry and woolly. Yellowish in colour. Flavour – tangy to begin with then sweet, banana flavour. Can sometimes be bitter, particularly the skin. Aroma - none
Picking Season: August/early September
Storage: About a month
Uses: Dessert – acceptable just off the tree, too much like cotton wool after a few days. Culinary – N/A Juice – surprisingly pleasant when made just off the tree, becomes very sweet later. Cider – used for early cider ready by Christmas, probably quite light
Recommendations: A small scabby tree whose fruit lasts a few days before becoming like sweet cotton wool. A variety fondly remembered by many of the North Devon farming community 30years ago as an apple worth eating, probably harking back to the days when folks had no teeth! The juice is worth making from this apple. Variety preserved for historical reasons
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