Information About the Ponsford

Origin: Devon 19th C
Growth Characteristics: Growth: Vigorous, Disease resistance: Some scab resistance and moderate resistance to canker Flowering Period: 3 Crop: Heavy
Fruit: Size - very large >65mm Shape – flat, round angular Stem - short thick, within cavity. Cavity - deep wide Eye - basin - unevenly bumpy open, wide and deep. Calyx – deep open sepals grey Skin – smooth sticky/greasy, grass green Flush - none/rare Lenticels - small conspicuous many Russet – slight around stem, spreading Flesh – Texture – fine, soft creamy very juicy Colour – greenish yellow Taste – sharp Aroma – scented
Picking Season: late October
Storage: To February
Uses: Dessert - no Culinary - cooks to a fluff, pale yellow, scented refreshing. flavour – sharp, some sweetness Cider - useful late sharp Juice - Sharp, aromatic taste, scented.
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