Bill Grant’s Pippin

Synonyms: Bill's Apple

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Bill Grant’s Pippin
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Information About the Bill Grant’s Pippin

Origin: South Molton 1980's
Growth Characteristics: Vigorous. Upright, spreading. Disease Resistance: Some resistance to scab and canker.
Fruit: Size - large, round, flat, lopsided. Stem - Medium, projecting distinctly. Cavity - wide. Eye - basin - open, ribbed, slightly deep. calyx - Sepals, closed, green/grey. Russet - slight, round stem, spreading. Skin - Dry, dull yellow/green. Lenticels - conspicuous, large green. Flush - always >third diffuse red flush with short stripes. Flesh - pale cream/white. Crisp, firm, juicy. No browning. Texture – slightly coarse. Teste – sweet, sub acid, slight banana. Aroma - slight.
Picking Season: Late October
Storage: >2 months
Uses: Dessert: .Crisp, firm, juicy Culinary: Juice:
Recommendations: Pip planted in 1980’s by Maths teacher South Molton School A worthy apple
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