Devonshire Buckland

Synonyms: Lilly Buckland, Piles Victoria, Dredges White, Dredge’s White lily, White Buckland, White Lily, White Pippin.

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Devonshire Buckland
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Information About the Devonshire Buckland

Origin: Buckland Devon before 1831
Growth Characteristics: A vigorous tree disease – Some scab resistance flowering period – early May blossom features cropping – moderate, tends to biennial crop.
Fruit: shape – flat round, medium size. skin – dull, pale yellowish green flush - light red flush covering a third. Russet - slight around stem cavity, lenticels - very few stem – short stubby, within cavity. Cavity - deep wide eye - basin – unevenly bumpy, open deep. Calyx – short, brown very open sepals, flesh – greenish white and crisp, juicy flavour – sharp/sweet and aromatic aroma – aromatic, honey scented
Picking Season: late October
Storage: More than 3 months
Uses: dessert – sharp and aromatic culinary – cooks to a lemon puree of good texture and becomes sweeter when cooked. cider - not usually used juice - pale lemon, sweet/acid, thin, cloudy, no aroma
Recommendations: A lovely cooker
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