Cornish Pine

Synonyms: Red Ribbed Greening (Devon)

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Cornish Pine
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Information About the Cornish Pine

Origin: Exminster, Devon before 1920
Growth Characteristics: Moderate to vigorous growth, upright, spreading, annual bearer Flowering Period: Early May, Disease Resistance: Some scab resistance Crop – moderate to shy Blossom - Pretty delicate blossom
Fruit: shape – round conical, sometimes square, ribbed, size - very large. skin –yellow/green, dry, smooth and shiny, few small lenticels, slight russet around stem, spreading,dark red diffuse flush, usually over a third. flesh – yellowish/greenish, crisp becoming soft flavour – sweet and aromatic aroma - delicate Sweet, rich, slightly subacid soft flesh
Picking Season: Late September
Storage: 1 – 2 months
Uses: Dessert, Sweet and aromatic. Also used for juice.
Recommendations: A reliable cropper and well worth growing, flavour somewhat similar to Cornish Gillyflower but more reliable. A seedling of Cornish Gillyflower
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