Blackamore Red

Synonyms: Synonym of Mere De Menarge, also called Blackrock,

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Blackamore Red
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Information About the Blackamore Red

Origin: Tregothan estate, Cornwall
Growth Characteristics: Tall single stemmed, upright growth. Annual cropper. Disease resistance - good, a healthy tree. Flowering period - Blossom - Cropping - heavy
Fruit: Shape – regular, round, smoothly ribbed, slightly five crowned Size – medium large to large Skin- pale green, variably speckled and striped with deep red, often completely covered with mahogany flush. Flesh – white with a very slight green tinge, creamy texture, firm and juicy. Flavour – slightly sweet, acid Aroma -
Picking Season: Early October
Storage: best in November keeps until March
Uses: Culinary – Remains intact, white in colour, sweet slightly acid flavour. Cider - probably single variety. Juice - good flavour, pale in colour
Recommendations: A healthy tree in the West country, worth growing for culinary purposes and good quality juice.
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