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Halstow Natural
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Information About the Halstow Natural

Origin: Tedburn St Mary, Devon
Growth Characteristics: Flowering Period: Early to mid
Fruit: Size - large 55-65mm Shape - round flat stem - long thick projecting slightly, cavity - shallow wide eye basin - pinched closed, Calyx - closed, sepals - green, reflexed/tips closed Skin – sticky, colour - pale yellow, flush - always >third pink/orange diffuse, short, dull red flecks and stripes Lenticels - grey, small russet - stem only slight spreading Flesh – colour, creamy white, taste - sharp, texture - juicy crisp firm /thin skin Aroma – aromatic refreshing slight Sweet
Picking Season: mid Oct
Storage: 1–2 months
Uses: Cider Juice – Sharp, some sweetness pale yellow, clear thin.
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