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About Devon Apples

There has been a remarkable revival of interest in Devon’s traditional orchards over the last two decades.

Many varieties of fruit specially suited to Devon had nearly disappeared. Thanks to the efforts of local groups and individuals many varieties have been located and preserved.

For the first time they have been listed here in a comprehensive directory of fruit varieties.

The Sponsor.

This website is happily provided and maintained by Orchards Live.

Orchards Live is a group established by North Devon enthusiasts in 1991. The Group offers practical help (courses, information, equipment etc) to orchard owners in the area.

However, the website flourishes thanks to contributions from all over Devon and further afield. It is intended to become a regional resource and so contributions of information and assistance are welcome. In the course of time more technical information will be made available.

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The Directory is concerned mostly with apples, but cherries and plums are also included.

Two new features are being added over 2012/13. Fuller descriptions, with more information on growing and using named apples, will be given. Lists of apples will also be provided for the orchard newcomer to consider.